Seller Testimonials

Aaron Morrow takes great pride in Negotiating and Closing on each sale as if it was his own home! He strives for Excellence in every aspect of the Listing and Closing Process and the Testimonials that have been received from past clients tell the whole story!
Below are a few of the testimonials Aaron has received recently.


There is no excuse for failing to retain the best possible realtor. This is especially true in an exceedingly challenging real estate market. It is one of the few important variables you control. If you want to give yourself the best chance of securing the best possible deal, retain Aaron Morrow. He is tremendous. Knows his stuff. Tireless worker. Very savvy technically, and knows how to reach target markets, including elusive ones. We even listed our Dallas home in countries like Brazil on account of an appreciating Real (vis a vis the U.S. dollar) and the resulting Brazilian appetite for U.S. real estate. This is just an example. The point is Aaron is not afraid to think outside the box. Don't make the mistake of settling on your real estate agent. Hire Aaron. You need every leg-up on the competition you can get.

- James M.


We were highly impressed with the impeccable and efficient services of Aaron Morrow and his professional team as we sold our current home and purchased a new one. He had extensive knowledge of the real estate process, financing options and reputable contractors. He pointed out potential physical problems with properties we viewed and gave updated knowledge about the different neighborhoods we visited.  His on-line, secure document services account was very convenient as we quickly reviewed and signed paperwork. We were very pleased with his negotiating and marketing skills with other realtors. It is extremely difficult to find a realtor who can manage all these details. We know. We just purchased our 6th property.

- The Fitzgeralds


Aaron Morrow is an excellent real estate agent. He's dedicated, hard working and he knows the business. We could count on him to address any concerns or issues that we had...and he's hilarious! We can not recommend him highly enough.

- Shola & Quan